personalized massage and bodywork services
for    whole    body    balance

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Infants to adults.  Athletes to those with cancer.  To
the outside observer, my clients may seem to have
nothing in common.  However, Touch of Intention fills
the need to return to healthy center after great
efforts or change.

I work diligently with clients to bringing them back
into balance :

Whether that client is an active adult or a child on the
autism spectrum, I see in them the same daily
exertion/stress and need for recovery.

My specialties have been carefully chosen to provide
support and relief to the whole person at these
times.  Easing the suffering of my clients, and
helping them find their own natural balance points
are my primary goals.
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Touch of Intention Bodywork
Balance is Intentional
Adults & Athletes

Serving adult clients in

- Sports Massage
- Myofascial Release
- Kinesio Taping
- Reiki
- Raindrop Technique
- Shamanic Ceremony

Pediatric Services

Providing a range of pediatric services for typical kids and those with special needs.  Pediatric touch therapy can help normalize and regulate sleep, reduce pain and increase sensory integration. 

Even little bodies need balance.

Parent/Infant Touchtime classes are provided for the littlest bodies.
Energy & Relaxation

Mind/Body connections are essential to whole health.  Reiki and Crystal Reiki sessions help you access your own healing energy. 

Some find these techniques very healing emotionally or spiritually; all find them deeply relaxing and refreshing. 

Who couldn't use more relaxation or refreshment?
Need more balance in your life? 

Call or text today for an appointment.

(530) 332-8070
Need more balance in your life? 

Call or text today for an appointment.

(530) 332-8070

I became a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) to help others heal.  There is nothing more fulfilling than helping a client find pain relief and better health through touch.

Professional massage provides a safe space for the client to let go in a way that humbles me.  I leave sessions with a deep gratitude for every individual's beauty and resilience. 

I look forward to supporting your journey to balance. (learn more)
- Amy